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Serenade a special someone with our specialized phone grams. We'll help you pick out the song for the right occasion for your singing telegrams over the phone. We are based out of the Boston, MA area and offer our services to clients everywhere. Call Singing Telegrams and Party Characters at (617) 417-6600 today to learn more.

Singing Telegrams Never Go Out of Style and We make It Extra Special

We deliver Lots of Smiles and Memories That Last Forever

Monkey Business Singing Grams

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Disclaimer: We would like to express that the characters we offer are NOT name brand copyrighted characters..We are in no way affiliated with any trademarked nor copyrighted characters and we make no attempt to market them as such.It is not our intention to violate any copyright laws.

If you have any questions regarding this matter, feel free to contact us.

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